Transfer Media

House of Kolor

Velflex Print Light

As our primary printable film, Velflex Light should be your first choice of film. This film has fantastic weeding capabilities (as small as 3mm text) whilst maintaining excellent stretchability.


Velflex Print Subblock

 After years of development, Velflex Subblock now allows you to print transfers on sublimated or heavily dyed polyesters.

Velflex Application Tape

This is the workhorse of the Velflex product range. It is the most versatile application tape we have. It can be used with the largest range of heat applied films including Velflex Light, Velflex Stretch, Velflex Nylon and Velflex Sub-block.


Velflex Print Nylon

After years of research and development on printable polyurethanes, Velflex Nylon is now available with a unique low temperature heat transfer glue. Specifically for applying to nylon or coated fabrics previously difficult to print.


Velflex Pearl

The Shimmering metallic finish you’ve been looking for!

Create brilliantly metallic full colour logos easily with Velflex Pearl, printed as easily as any other printable film only designed to give your transfer that little extra sparkle.


Velflex Stretch

This product is the thinnest and stretchiest vinyl on the market today. Rated for nylon Stretch is a versatile product for application that feels like part of the garment once applied. This product is non comparable with any other film on market with its vibrant colours, amazing stretch and an excellent feel.

CAD Cut Media


Velflex PU

Velflex PU is our range of 25 computer cut (plotter/vinyl cutter) heat transfer vinyls for creating single-colour designs, whether it be bold or intricate at any size. Its adhesive liner makes the cutting and weeding of a small detailed logo very easy to weed while it’s thinness allows the product to stretch with the garment.


Velflex Flock

Velflex Flock is our range of CAD cutting heat transfer film with a raised velvet (flock) finish. Made in France with the latest technology, Velflex Flock offers you a luxurious heat transfer option with a premium velvet like print.


Velflex CAD Nylon

Velflex CAD Nylon now allows you to create single coloured designs with a unique low temperature heat transfer glue. Specifically for applying to nylon or coated fabrics previously difficult to print.


Velflex CAD Subblock

Velflex CAD Subblock is our range
of CAD-Cutting vinyl for producing single colour designs on sublimated or heavily dyed polyesters.